Core Values

Give a Shit

  • Take pride in what we do​
  • Ensure our own success by first striving to make others successful​
  • Be aware of our impact on those around us and the world, and how it reflects on us and our community

Create Solutions

  • The world is a messy place ​
  • Perfection is only a concept ​
  • Its one thing to look pretty, its another to get the job done

Be Versatile

  • The world is always changing and so are we​
  • Communicate to create more effective and productive relationships

Have Fun

  • A smile goes a long way​
  • Don’t be serious, be sincere​
  • Enjoy coming to work every day!


Founded in 1971, Three M Tool & Machine is a high performance, family owned, contract machine shop with unique capabilities and experience in many sectors of the manufacturing industry. Take a look and you will see why Three M Tool & Machine is the precision machining solution for today’s manufacturers, offering Quality, Efficiency and Delivery to surpass customer expectations. Three M Tool & Machine is your one stop source for small, medium and large part machining along with many other processes. On our 100,000 sq. ft. of ISO 9001:2015 quality system certified, climate controlled shop floor we offer services such as:

  • Large CNC Milling and Boring
  • Large CNC vertical turning with live tooling
  • Medium and small milling and turning
  • CNC and manual, surface and cylindrical grinding
  • Design and build of stationary and rotating fixtures
  • Precision CMM inspection up to 3m x 4m x 6m
  • Inconel cladding
  • Assembly and paint
  • Many more


Three M Tool & Machine’s Quality Policy

Three M Tool & Machine, Inc. will provide high value products and services that meet or exceed the needs of our customers by continuously improving:


    visually and functionally defect free product.


    cost savings through making it right the first time, process improvement, new technology acquisition and employee training.


    product received by the customer on or before the contracted date.